Contracting Vehicles

Through its 10+ years of providing IT Professional Services in the National Capital Region, LeverageTek IT Solutions has successfully qualified on numerous Standing Offers with the Federal (and Municipal) government.

LeverageTek currently holds the following Standing Offers that departments can use to purchase IT Professional Services.


TBIPS (Task Based Informatics Professional Services) - Tier 1 and Tier 2

TBIPS requirement is related to a particular activity required to address a specific IT need and is usually associated with a specified set of responsibilities.

The tasks involved are finite work assignments that require one or more consultants to complete. A task involves a specific start date, a specific end date, and set deliverables. Tasks are usually not large projects, although they may be subsets of a larger project. Tasks may require highly specialized work to be performed requiring a rare or unique skill or knowledge for a short period of time
TBIPS allows for two types of service requests:

  • Supply Arrangement (SA) - Departments using the TBIPS SA will have their requirements competed amongst a minimum of 15 Professional Services vendors (with a minimum of 5 randomly selected) for contracts determined to be greater than the NAFTA threshold ($80,400) but less than $2M (Tier 1 limit - see below). For contracts greater than $2M, all Tier 2 vendors will be invited

For more information:

  • Standing Offer (SO) - Departments using the TBIPS SO utilize the Right of First Refusal for contract categories. Professional services vendors provide their Standing Offer pricing by category and experience (Junior, Intermediate, Senior) with their TBIPS bid response. PWGSC provides a list to departments indicating vendor ranking for each category (w/ the cheapest price per category; experience level ranking 1st). If the SO is utilized by a department (i.e. Jr. Programmer Analyst - NCR), then the organization who ranked 1st in that category has the Right of First Refusal to fill that contract.
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LeverageTek is both a Tier 1 (contract values up to $2M) and Tier 2 (contracts valued over $2M) supplier of IT Professional Services.

LeverageTek has two TBIPS vehicles available to support its customer’s requirements - our Joint Venture with Farlane Systems Inc. (Tier 1 only) and our main vehicle (both Tier 1 and 2).

Our contract numbers are as follows:
Leverage Technology Resources Inc
Supply Arrangement: EN578-055605/639/EI
Standing Offer: EN578-120158/350/EI

Leverage Technology Resources, Farlane Systems Inc, in Joint Venture
Supply Arrangement: EN578-055605/388/EI
Standing Offer: EN578-120158/271/EI


TSPS Tasks and Solutions Professional Services

The method of supply for Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS) is for the provision of Non-Informatics Professional Services, both task and solutions based. This method of supply covers five core areas of expertise that are commonly and nationally used: Human Resources Services; Business Consulting/Change Management; Project Management; Real Property Project Management Services; and Technical Engineering and Maintenance Services.

For more information on TSPS:

LeverageTek has successfully qualified for two of the available streams within TSPS and the specific roles that fall under these core areas of expertise:

  • Business Consulting / Change Management
  • Project Management
As with TBIPS, departments can utilize either a Supply Arrangement or Standing Offer (Right of First Refusal for lowest cost vendor)

LeverageTek's TSPS contract numbers are as follows:
Supply Arrangement: E60ZN-15TSPS/190/ZN
Standing Offer: E60ZN-15TSSO/142/ZN


THS - Temporary Help Services

The THS On-Line System is an on-line procurement tool designed to assist Federal Departments in the National Capital Area, in their procurement of temporary help services up to $400,000 (which includes all subsequent amendments, travel/living expenses, overtime and GST/HST) or 48 consecutive weeks, whichever comes first. A call-up/contract can be extended by an additional 24 consecutive weeks but must have the prior approval of PWGSC.

THS Professional service engagements are temporary in nature and cover numerous categories (expanded upon in this link:

LeverageTek has successfully qualified under the following categories within THS:

Stream 4 - Technical Services

  • Includes: Computer Application Support, Computer Website Support, Telecommunications Analyst (among others)

Stream 5 - Professional Services

  • Sub-Stream 5b - Procurement
  • Sub-Stream 5c - Communications Services
  • Sub-Stream 5e - Human Resources Management
  • Sub-Stream 5f - Policy and Advisory Services (includes Special Advisor ; Program Administration)

As with other Federal government contracting vehicles, departments can utilize either the Supply Arrangement or Standing Offer.

LeverageTek's THS contract numbers are as follows:

Supply Arrangement: EN578-060502/195/ZT
Standing Offer: E60ZN-110002/075/ZN



ProServices is a method of supply for professional services valued below the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) threshold (2015 threshold: $80,400 inclusive of taxes). The ProServices streams and categories are the same streams and categories as those offered in the Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) and the Task and Solutions Professional Services (task portion only) methods of supply.

A full list of all categories included within ProServices can be found with this link: ProServices - Streams and Categories. All procurement for ProServices is based on Supply Arrangement (there is no Standing Offer for this method of supply)

LeverageTek has qualified for the majority of categories within ProServices. Our ProServices contract number is as follows:



City of Ottawa

LeverageTek is a proud supplier of IT Professional Services to the City of Ottawa. We have provided services to the City since qualifying for its IT Professional Services Standing Offer initially in 2007. Since that time, we have successfully re-qualified for two subsequent RFSOs.

LeverageTek can provide IT Professional Services to the City in the following categories:

Category 1 - Enterprise Architecture Services (EAS)
Category 2 - Information, Risk and Security (IRS) - IT Security Group
Category 3 - Project Services and Solutions (PSS) Branch - Citizen Service Management Technologies
Category 4 - Operations Services and Solutions (OSS) Branch and Project Services and Solutions (PSS) Branch - Development and Integration
Category 5 - Operations Services and Solutions (OSS) Branch and Project Services and Solutions (PSS) Branch - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Spatial Technologies
Category 6 - Operations Services and Solutions (OSS) Branch and Project Services and Solutions (PSS) Branch - Information Management
Category 7 - Operations Services and Solutions (OSS) Branch and Project Services and Solutions (PSS) Branch - Web Services
Category 8 - Operations Services and Solutions (OSS) Branch and Project Services and Solutions (PSS) Branch - Oracle Webcentre Content
Category 9 - Technology Infrastructure (TI) Branch - Server and Operations
Category 10 - Operations Services and Solutions (OSS) Branch - ITS Support Services
Category 11 - Technology Infrastructure (TI) Branch - Architecture
Category 12 - Operations Services and Solutions (OSS) Branch and Project Services and Solutions (PSS) Branch - SAP Implementation and Support
Category 13 - Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Solutions
Category 14 - Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
Category 15 - Mobility (Syclo)
Category 16 - Technology Infrastructure (IT) Branch - Telecommunications

The RFSO number for the Temporary Placement of IT Professional Resources is as follows:


Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) is a Crown corporation responsible for securing specific elements of the air transportation system from passenger and baggage screening to screening airport workers.

LeverageTek has been provided IT Professional Services to CATSA since 2006. In its most recent RFSO for IM/IT Professional Services, LeverageTek qualified for the IT Service Desk category which includes the following roles:

  • IT Service Desk Officer
  • Logistics Officer

All positions at CATSA require a Federal government Secret security clearance. By successfully providing over 30 consultants to the organization over 8+years, LeverageTek has formed relationships with many of the NCRs best consultants who carry a Secret security clearance.

If you are interested in being presented for roles on LeverageTek's CATSA Standing Offer, we encourage you to send your resume to us for further discussion: